Reboot, Reset, Explore

In the post-COVID 'neu normal' world, PR , communications and social media campaigns are playing a crucial role in the way business is re-booting and exploring new market opportunities. Join me, Oksana Smirnova & Alice Weightman next Tuesday 25th August at 12.00 BST for our webinar session on the ‘International expansion, new markets and territories’ to learn more. The online event - hosted by Alice Weightman, CEO and Founder of the Work Crowd - is the seventh ‘Bootcamp series’ webinar run by The Work Crowd

What we will be covering…

Understanding the landscape

Brand perceptions across different markets

How to discover local opportunities to do business…and succeed

Launching into a new territory – adjusting your brand and messaging

Global trends during the pandemics

Post Corona markets – Impact or Opportunity?

To register, for FREE use this link:

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